Rita on her own bed


In the August 11, 1941, issue of Life magazine, Rita appeared in a photograph taken by Bob Landry that became one of the most popular wartime pinups, second only to the famous Betty Grable over-the-shoulder pose. Legend has it that the shadows that highlight Rita’s figure so sensuously were a happy accident that resulted when a flashbulb failed to go off. The photograph was taken at Rita’s home, on her own bed. In addition to showcasing other attributes, the photograph allows a good view of Rita’s hands-thought to be the most beautiful in Hollywood and which she considered to be her prettiest feature. Bob Landry later said that the photograph was “a World War II morale booster, for countless thousands of GIs throughout the world who requested it, and for the lucky photographer who made it-me.” The image became the most reproduced picture of a star in the history of Life magazine, not only because of its historical importance but because of its timeless allure. “I’m proud of that photo,” Rita declared. “Not just because the servicemen told me I looked good, but because of what the photo meant to so many of them: a link with home.”


About Der Landstreicher

Ιδού η αληθινή Ταϊτή, δηλαδή: πιστά πλασμένη με τη φαντασία μου. (Πολ Γκογκέν και Σαρλ Μορίς)............... Είμαστε εμείς οι ονειροπαρμένοι τρελλοί της γης με τη φλογισμένη καρδιά και τα έξαλλα μάτια. (Γιώργος Μακρής).............. Und wollt ihr wissen, wer ich bin, ich weiß es selber nicht, ich irre so durchs Leben hin, weiß nicht, wo ich zu Hause bin und will es wissen nicht. (Landstreicherlied, Arnold Waldwagner)...........

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