The Trademarks – If I was gone (Oak Park, Michigan, 1967, Palmer 5018-B)


This Oak Park, Detroit area group got together in early 1965 as The Minor Keys, later changing their name to The Bare Necessities. The group performed cover songs as well as their own material.

“If I Was Gone” is superb performance, featuring a catchy guitar riff, good harmonies, fine drum and bass playing and a sharp solo. It was written by Alan Nathanson and Neil Feigenbaum, arranged and produced by Ed Nelson, and released on the great Palmer label out of Detroit in 1967.

They went on to play at local venues including appearing on Windsor’s CKLW Swinging Time television program hosted by local DJ Robin Seymour. The group opened for such talent as Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels at the Walled Lake Casino and Bob Seger at other clubs. The group played once or twice a week at private parties or local dances. The group consisted of Alan Nathanson playing lead guitar and vocals, Neil Faigenbaum playing bass guitar and vocals, Jerry Warren playing drums, Dave Levitt playing organ and later Eric playing organ. The group broke up in 1968.


About Der Landstreicher

Ιδού η αληθινή Ταϊτή, δηλαδή: πιστά πλασμένη με τη φαντασία μου. (Πολ Γκογκέν και Σαρλ Μορίς)............... Είμαστε εμείς οι ονειροπαρμένοι τρελλοί της γης με τη φλογισμένη καρδιά και τα έξαλλα μάτια. (Γιώργος Μακρής).............. Und wollt ihr wissen, wer ich bin, ich weiß es selber nicht, ich irre so durchs Leben hin, weiß nicht, wo ich zu Hause bin und will es wissen nicht. (Landstreicherlied, Arnold Waldwagner)...........

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