The New Lime- Whenever I look in her eyes (Fraternity) Ohio, 1965

The New Lime (at the very start: The Savoys) were one of the biggest bands in Southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky for years, keeping on top of the dance scene with several local hits and tight, professional sound.


The Savoys were formed in 1962 by high school students in the northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area. Gary Lee Fausz, from Campbell County HS, was the band’s founder and lead singer. Other original or early members included Mickey Foellger on drums, Jim Geyer on keyboards, Fred Stanger on guitar, Mike Boyd on guitar, and Dave Cassell on bass. In 1964 the Savoys recorded their 1st 45 at King, a vocal ballad backed with a hot rod instrumental that featured Jim Geyer’s electric piano playing. The 45 was issued on the band’s own “TES” label.

In 1965 the band recorded a 45 for Fraternity, while changing their name to the New Lime as “Savoys” was already taken for a national recording band. The two sides set the blueprint for the New Lime “sound”, commercially appealing pop-rock sides with strong vocals and distinct keyboard sounds. The record was a local hit and got the band into the top circuit of teen and college dances.

“Whenever I look in her eyes”, a big favorite of mine:


Barracuda / Only You (Credited to Gary Lee Fausz and the Savoys) (TES 45-8) 1964
Whenever I Looke In Her Eyes / And She Cried (Fraternity 947) 1965
That Girl / She Kissed Me (With Her Eyes) (Counterpart 2577/8 ; Columbia 44017) c. 8/66
The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair / There Goes My Girlfriend (Counterpart 2593/4) c. 5/67
Meant To Be / The Perfect Girl (Counterpart 2599/600) 7/67
Ain’t Got No Soul / The Gumdrop Trilogy (Counterpart 2609/10) 10/1967


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