Laurel and Hardy: County Hospital (Hal Roach Productions, MGM, 25/6/1932)


Ollie is in the hospital with a broken leg. Stan pays him a visit, bearing a thoughtful gift of hard-boiled eggs and nuts. Stan causes so much trouble that an angry Dr. Gilbert orders both patient and guest out of the hospital at once. Before leaving, Stan first manages to destroy a pair of trousers belonging to Ollie’s roommate (who is also going home) and then accidentally sits on a hypodermic needle filled with sedative. He attempts to drive Ollie home, but is nearly asleep at the wheel thanks to the sedative, and the car careens wildly through the streets in a token comic “reckless driving” sequence of hilarious (yet obviously staged) traffic chaos…until Stan finally smashes the car between two streetcars, bending it into a 100 degree angle so that he can only drive round and round in circles.

[seeing that Stan has brought him a present] What have you got there?
Stanley: I brought you some hardboiled eggs and some nuts.
Oliver: Now, you I can’t eat hardboiled eggs and nuts. If you wanted to bring me something, why didn’t you bring me candy?
Stanley: They cost too much.
Oliver: What does that got to do with it?
Stanley: You didn’t pay me for the last box I brought you.


E’s choice.


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Ιδού η αληθινή Ταϊτή, δηλαδή: πιστά πλασμένη με τη φαντασία μου. (Πολ Γκογκέν και Σαρλ Μορίς)............... Είμαστε εμείς οι ονειροπαρμένοι τρελλοί της γης με τη φλογισμένη καρδιά και τα έξαλλα μάτια. (Γιώργος Μακρής).............. Und wollt ihr wissen, wer ich bin, ich weiß es selber nicht, ich irre so durchs Leben hin, weiß nicht, wo ich zu Hause bin und will es wissen nicht. (Landstreicherlied, Arnold Waldwagner)...........

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