Glen Glenn – One cup of coffee (ERA, 1074, rec.12/1957)

A brilliant bass slapping rockabilly bopper for today, kids!

G. Glenn - Hawai 1959

“Well I think I’m gonna cry if she don’t show up
The tears are gonna fall in the coffee-cup
Cigarette-smoke gettin’ in my eye
That ain’t the reason that I cry
I’m waitin’ on my baby and she ain’t here yet
One cup of coffee and a cigarette”

On April 4, 1956, Glenn and his buddy, Gary Lambert, made the drive from San Dimas to San Diego to see Elvis’ first West Coast concert. They were accustomed to country singers who stood stock-still onstage. Elvis’ shtick was to shake like his body was crawling with spiders. “People went crazy when he walked out there,” Glenn recalls of the San Diego show. “He came out and shook for about five minutes, while D.J. (Fontana) played the drums behind him.”
It sounds like a burlesque act. Then Elvis launched into his songs – although “you could barely hear him, the girls were screaming so loud,” Glenn notes. Afterward, country singer Fred Maddox introduced him to Elvis, who was a captive audience – the building was surrounded by screaming women, so he couldn’t leave. Glenn has photos of himself with hundreds of musicians, but Elvis is the one who rocked his world.
He forgot about being a country singer and went rock. “I did it because of girls,” Glenn says with a laugh. “If you played country, girls might want your autograph. If you did this kind of music, girls freaked out.”
He was so excited to be in the business, he saved everything with his name on it, and didn’t even fuss when his record company changed Glen Troutman, his real name, to Glen Glenn. He admits it’s a dorky name. But as he puts it: “I wanted on a record so bad, they could’ve called me Jack the Ripper.” Recorded in the rockabilly style of early Elvis, his songs were “Laurie Ann,” “Everybody’s Movin”‘ and “One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette.”




Garrison Studio, December 3, 1957, California (Glen Glenn)

57 ERA 1074 One Cup Of Coffee
DIAL LP 002 Kathleen (alt)
ACE LP CH 57 Kathleen (alt)
SUNJAY SJLP 572 Kathleen (alt)


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